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Calendar 2019-2020

[Click here to download this Calendar for 2019-2020 in PDF format]

Please Note:

*All dates are inclusive and subject to change based on weather and security considerations.

* The starred activities are optional – for all other programs we expect full participation of all students.


Date                                      Day                                        Event

September 2019

Sept 3                                   Tuesday                               Dorms open at 8am

Sept 3                                   Tuesday                               Orientation at 3pm

Sept 3-5                               Tue – Thurs                          Orientation & Kotel

Sept 6-7                               Shabbat                               Shabbaton On Campus 

Sept 12                                 Thursday                             Afternoon Volunteering

Sept 19                                 Thursday                             Tiyul  

Sept 21                                 Motzei Shabbat                  Selichot

Sept 26                                 Thursday                             Special Program:  Rosh Hashana

Sept 27-28                           Shabbat                               Staff Shabbat On Campus*



Sept 29-Oct 1                     Sun – Tue                             Rosh Hashana

Oct 2                                      Wednesday                      Tzom Gedalia – Morning classes only

Oct 7                                      Monday                             Special Program: Yom Kippur

Oct 8-9                                  Tue – Wed                          Yom Kippur

Oct 10                                   Thursday                           Special Program: Succot

Oct 11-12                             Shabbat                             Staff Shabbat on Campus*

Oct 13-22                             Sun – Tue                           Succot

Oct 17                                   Thursday                           Optional Outing*

Oct 19                                   Motzei Shabbat               Hoshana Rabba Program 

Oct 25-26                             Shabbat                             Shabbaton Off Campus



Nov 6-7                                Wed – Thurs                       Tiyul – Eilat overnight

Nov 15-16                            Shabbat                              Shabbaton – Tzfat 



Dec 9                                     Monday                            Tiyul

Dec 22-30                            Sun – Mon                          Chanuka

Dec 22                                   Sunday                             Chanuka Chagiga

Dec 22-25                            Sun – Wed                          Morning classes

Dec 26-28                            Thurs – Shabbat                Vacation

Dec 29                                   Sunday                              Tiyul


January 2020

Jan 3-4                                  Shabbat                             Staff Shabbat On Campus*

Jan 5-9                                  Sun – Thurs                        Midterms

Jan 10-12                             Fri – Sunday                        Mid-Winter Break

Jan 12                                Sunday                                  Blind/ Deaf Museum*

Jan 13                                    Monday                             Second Semester begins

Jan 17-18                             Shabbat                              Staff Shabbat On Campus*

Jan 18                                    Motzei Shabbat                YU Choir Competition (Kedma)

Jan 22                                    Wednesday                       Tiyul



Jan 31-Feb 1                       Shabbat                               Shabbaton – Old City

Feb 10                                   Monday                             Special Program: Tu Bishvat

Feb 12                                   Wednesday                       Tiyul

Feb 28-29                            Shabbat                              Shabbaton – Bnei Brak



March 9                                Monday                             Ta’anit Esther – Morning classes only

March 10                             Tuesday                             Purim and Purim Chagiga at night

March 11                             Wednesday                       Shushan Purim and Purim Seudah with all students

March 15-19                       Sun – Thurs                        Discover Jerusalem Seminar \ Poland Tour

March 20-21                       Shabbat                             Shabbaton On Campus

March 25-April 20             Wed – Mon                         Pesach Vacation



April 3-4                               Shabbat                               Shabbat Hagadol – Shabbat On Campus*

April 8-16                             Wed – Thurs                       Pesach

April 21                                 Tuesday                               Yom HaShoah – Classes resume at 2pm

April 24-25                           Shabbat                               Shabbaton

April 27-28                           Mon – Tue                           Special Program: Yom HaZikaron

April 28-29                           Tue – Wed                           Special Program: Yom Ha’Atzmaut



May 12                                 Tuesday                              Lag B’Omer

May 19-20                           Tue – Wed                           Tiyul – Golan overnight 

May 22                                 Friday                                 Yom Yerushalayim

May 28-30                           Thurs – Shabbat                Shavuot & Staff Shabbat



May 31-June 7                  Sun – Sun                             Finals \ Farewell classes

June 5-6                               Shabbat                             Shabbaton On Campus

June 8                                   Monday                             Banquet

June 10                                 Wednesday                      Dorm closes at 6pm