Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Turner

Rabbi Moshe Yehuda TurnerRabbi Moshe Yehuda Turner

Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Turner was born raised and educated in the UK. He went through schooling in London followed by 5 years of Yeshiva studies in Manchester and 13 years in the revered Ponevezh Yeshiva and Kollel in Bnei Brak. As well as teaching in a number of Seminaries in Jerusalem, Rabbi Turner holds a Masters in Clinical Social Work and works as a professional therapist with a specific focus on Anglo-Saxon teens growing up in Israel.

Family Turner have been living on the Neve campus for a number of years and have been involved as a family in a number of its institutions. As well as his captivating classes on a variety of topics, Rabbi Turner leads the Midreshet Tehillah Poland trip. This trip  can be life changing, and it is guided with his unique blend of warmth, care and sensitivity, together with simcha and song.

Rabbi Turner is a grandson of the late Chief Rabbi Lord Immanuel & Lady Amelie Jakobovits and Chazan Rev. Reuben Turner, giving him a strong musical interest together with a subtle proudly British streak, and the sense of humor that comes with it (for better or for worse!)

What his students say

“Through your Mesorah class, I now properly appreciate what it means to have a mesorah, and that even though all the different sects may seem divided, we all have the same Daddy. That I have to find my way of serving Hashem. I will carry these insights with me always, and continue to implement them into my everyday life.”