Mrs. Ariella Cohen

Ariella CohenMrs. Ariella Cohen

Ariella Cohen grew up in Queens, NY, attended Ramaz High School and continued her Jewish studies at Midreshet Lindenbaum.  She earned her BA in history from Barnard College and then moved to Yerushalayim where she currently lives with her husband and seven children. Mrs. Cohen has previously taught at MMY and Midreshet Rachel. She has been the Eim Bayit of Midreshet Tehillah since its opening and also serves as a Rakezet and a teacher.


What her students say

“You are the great equalizer and balancer… you held us up at every stage of this incredible journey. Making sure we were ok with ourselves and our surroundings. Thank you for really listening, and giving real practical advice. Thank you for caring, for always sending every conversation with “Keep me posted let me know how it’s going”.”