Pre-Pesach Break

During the Pesach break, students can choose to join our Discover Jerusalem Seminar or our Poland Trip.

The Poland Trip is run and staffed by Midreshet Tehillah faculty members. Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Turner, who leads the trip, has vast knowledge of Poland and the Holocaust, together with a deep sensitivity to the process that students go through during their visit. It is designed for maximum impact, inspiration, and internalization. Last year was the first time we organized our own trip and it was tremendously successful. We have students who returned for Shana Bet on the condition that they could go to Poland again with the school! We try to keep the cost of this trip under $1000.

The Discover Jerusalem Seminar takes place at the same time as the Poland Trip, for those students who do not go to Poland.  It is run by Rabbi Anthony Manning and designed to give our students a chance to experience Jerusalem on a new level and to explore places and perspectives on the city that they otherwise would not.  Discover Jerusalem is a combination of education, touring, and finding hidden treasures.  Students will have the opportunity to attend the Discovery Program at Aish, as well as exploring parts of the Old City, Ir David and surrounding neighborhoods that they never even knew existed!  The Discover Jerusalem Seminar will also explore modern Jerusalem – some of its beautiful neighborhoods (such as Nachlaot and Yemin Moshe), its political institutions (eg. the Knesset and the Supreme Court) as well as its cultural highlights and museums (eg. the Israel Museum, Begin Museum, and Bible Lands Museum). We try to keep the cost of this Seminar to under $200.