Will my daughter get college credit while studying at Midresehet Tehillah?

Many colleges and universities accept the credits of Midreshet Tehillah. It is recommended, however, that the student consults the registrar of the college she plans to attend to ascertain the college’s policy. Upon request, a transcript for courses successfully completed at Midreshet Tehillah will be issued if the student is in good academic and financial standing. Stern College, Touro College, and Teachers Institute of Chicago offer joint programs with Midreshet Tehillah, whereby the student is accepted both at the college and at Midreshet Tehillah. Any student exercising this option is considered a registered student of the college for purposes of credits, transcripts, and scholarship applications while she attends Midreshet Tehillah. Please consult the college for the cost and details of these services.

What are the security measures taken by the school?

Several families reside on the grounds and an armed guard is on duty 24 hours a day at the main and only entrance to the enclosed campus.

The school is in contact with, and receives updated information from, the American Consulate and the local police security department about which areas to avoid. Instructions, as well as restrictions in travel, are given to the students based on current security conditions. The school strongly advises against attending or participating in public gatherings and restaurants.

School trips and outings are held in conformity with the regulations of the Israeli army. Armed guards accompany school trips as required by the regulations of the Army and Ministry of Education.

Does my daughter require additional health insurance while studying in Israel?

All students are required to take out comprehensive medical and hospital insurance through Harel (formally Shiloah) Insurance Company. This costs approximately $1.00 a day and includes access to conveniently located services of high quality. For details of the coverage contact the insurance company at: chacoty@zahav.net.il