Our Two Track System

 The Tehillah Track is the classic Midreshet Tehillah program with a lively classroom-based interactive lecture/discussion format. Classes are focused around a central text rather than the unanchored opinions of the teachers, with the text translated and discussed in the context of the group.  The Tehillah Track is designed for students who prefer this style of learning or for those who do not yet have the skills to learn text on a sophisticated level on their own. The track includes some Beit Midrash time to enable students to develop their skills, with flexibility to add more for those who wish to put a stronger emphasis on this aspect of their growth.

For the coming 2018/19 year Midreshet Tehillah is launching a Beit Midrash Track.  It will run parallel to the Tehillah Track with some overlapping classes and full integration of the students from both tracks.

The Beit Midrash Track has a chavruta-based Beit Midrash format. Most classes (including Night Seder) will include significant chavruta time, with teachers on hand to help guide students through texts when needed. This track is designed for students with good skills who are interested in deriving meaning directly from sources and not only hearing it filtered through a teacher. Though this style of learning covers less material, that is offset by the additional depth and integration of understanding that result from the effort and creativity that are invested in the text. Students will significantly improve their basic reading, translation, and comprehension skills. More importantly, they will learn the skills of independent Torah thinking: how to properly interpret texts in their larger context and develop their own original, high quality Divrei Torah.