Our Approach

Our curriculum is broad-based, with a wide array of classes to choose from in HashkafaMusar, Chassidut, Tanach, and Halacha. Students are challenged intellectually to understand both Torah and themselves more deeply.

Our unique combination of concentrated studies and limited class size results in a highly integrated group of students and faculty with a remarkable excitement about learning.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds. They come from Yeshiva High Schools and out-of-town Beit Yaakovs. We often have an unusually high concentration of English students coming primarily from Hasmonean in London and from Manchester. We also usually have a few baalei teshuvah in the group.

While students arrive with sophistication in their hashkafic understanding, our students' diversity of background brings with it a wide spread in text-skills. Our Tehillah track is designed to accommodate the full gamut of skills in our student body. Beit Midrash classes are divided into four levels so that everyone has the opportunity to further develop their skills regardless of their starting point. Lecture/discussion classes, while anchored in text, are presented in a manner that allows all to understand and participate. 

Next year we are opening a Beit Midrash track for those coming with good skills and interested in a more intense text program. The topics covered will mirror that of the classic Tehillah program but the learning will be a chevruta-based, Beit Midrash approach.

After graduation American students usually attend Stern, Touro, or local college programs with some attending seminary-style degree programs or remaining for shana beit. English students generally continue on to university.